Pronounced: ‘Diji, bilē

Amidst the curling gray parking lot bushes, behind the main strip, where cigarettes and what-not are smoked, in the thick of a manufactured silence, looking feverously for the next “Banger“. Evilness was going trap, the airwaves were saturated with the top forty shadows of innovation, and the set was ending with nothing to write home about. Another night in the haze of mediocracy and expensive drinks…

Enter Digibilly, Philidelphia’s Mad Scientist of Drum and Bass. Digibilly is not another DJ. Digibilly is a one man productions house, serving up thick and potent breaks, dubs, and mash-ups that would even keep the fire marshal around for a pint at over-capacity. Digibilly does not simply jump genres, rather he finds genres on the corner at three AM and mashes the stuffing out of them!

With an ingenuitive use of a myriad of technologies to compose, mix and modulate, Digibilly is continuously bringing something new to the tables. The thick bass lines and manic breaks, the immaculate rinses and soulful melodies, and the all out, full on rage of a night that will forever change what you thought was Drum & Bass.

Words courtesy of JC Luff (musician, wordsmith, & friend)

“I am doing this for my love of music, and I want others to have the chance to enjoy it as well.” – Digibilly


Eclectic, experimental, and hard hitting are just few words to describe the artist Digibilly (Joshua Pearson). He’s a Drum & Bass / EDM producer out of Philadelphia, PA. His music encapsulates the root essence of Drum & Bass while bringing a new twist to the genre by including Metal, Hip-Hop, and the modern-day sounds of EDM in each composition.

Digibilly’s music is driven by his eclectic love of many genres. He sees Drum & Bass as a versatile canvas that is waiting to be painted and manipulated. Overall, his music has a tendency to be dark and heavy, but all of it has a momentum that will move your feet. The fusion of sounds and beats from different genres is what makes what he is. This fusion of the new with the old is the true definition of the word, “Digibilly”.

Driven by sound design and engineering, he finds beauty in complexed compositions as much as the simple. In doing this, he follows a similar technique to his inspirations. Noisia, one of his main inspirations, has been very influencial in the sound that he creates. He also loves the energy and sounds of bands like Prodigy. You can hear this inspiration in a lot of his heavier tracks. He is not only inspired by other electronic music, but by classical and cinematic compositions.

“Digibilly is making music that speaks to a unique listener. It’s raw, emotional & it takes you on a journey.” – Jacqueline Jax (Host of AVA Live Radio)

“He takes the traditional and does his own interpretation with it and leaves nothing of what you thought it’d be.” – IndieMusicReviews.Net

“Mathematically complicated DnB with an overdose of experimental.” – WEATNU Records

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